Pavilion Dive Centre at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

You can have some serious fun in Dubai with all the underwater adventures waiting for you to explore. These water adventures would need some level of skill in the water, techniques to dive, and more. If you are serious about pursuing diving as a hobby or want to train yourself to be a diving Instructor, there can never be a better place than The Pavilion Dive centre at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The dive centre offers a series of diving courses for beginners and advanced levels. These courses are designed to give you maximum exposure to diving from expert instructors. The centre offers courses from around 30 different Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Right from scuba diving, exploring underwater adventures, snorkelling, professional deep-sea diving, there are a variety of skills to learn. So, it’s a very large palette of courses for you to choose from. An added advantage is these courses are also offered in multiple languages. The Pavilion is a certified five-star development centre and it wears quality and safety on its sleeves.

The learning offered to students is easy with a fine balance of theory and practice. The centre is well aware that some of the students are tourists, so courses are designed in such a way that the tourists with their limited time can still get benefitted the most. You say you don’t have the time to learn at the centre, no issues, the centre offers eLearning courses as well for the theory and practice it on site.

The courses are not just for adults, there are plenty of entry-level courses for kids as well. The children are given short aqua-missions to accomplish that would involve diving, underwater survival techniques and more.

A unique feature at the centre is to get an opportunity to explore deep-sea shipwrecks and aquatic marines. A specially devised Air-Nitrox lets you breathe inside 40 m deep water while enjoying the wonderful sceneries. Taking underwater pictures can be a challenge, you can learn how to do from the instructors and practice it.

Learn some water skills and live like a fish. Seeing the water from the surface and being deep inside is entirely different. Being inside takes a lot of skill, but once you have learnt to be there, you will not get out that easily. Join the Pavilion today and get certified by a premier diving centre.

Address: Pavilion Dive Centre,
Jumeirah Beach Hotel,
Jumeira Rd, Ummu Suqeim 3, Dubai
Phone: +971 4 406 8828