Mattel Play! Town at City Walk

I bet, there cannot be anyone who must not have heard about Mattel. If you have kids, not knowing about Mattel would be a crime! Mattel, one of the market leaders in toy manufacturing has excited children of all ages over the years no end with their wonderful array of products. They now go a step further in shaping the kid’s knowledge and learning through amazing exclusive kids learning centres.

Mattel Play is one such themed learning zone at City Walk, Dubai, where the children acquire knowledge through edutainment. Children at Mattel Play learn to develop motor skills, healthy social behaviour, and a healthy all-around personality development. The centre encourages the children to kindle their creative spark through constant reinforcement of family values.

Children learn to run their imagination wild with plenty of international Mattel toy products. Let us see what the children can do at this amazing place.

  • Thomas & Friends:

Playing with trains always gives immense joy to children. Combining playing and learning with Thomas & Friends, a world-renowned brand of train toys makes the children quite active and excited. The tales of Thomas and its engine and carriage friends brings an innocent joy and a warm smile on the children’s faces.

  • Fireman Sam:

If your child wants to role-play as a fireman, they would love to play with the Fireman Sam. Sam and his team are usually called up every time to douse fires in a small British village called Pontypandy. Children learn a lot about Firemen, their equipment, rescue services, emergency medical services.

  • Bob the Builder:

Children love to do things in a group. They seldom want to be alone. Bob the Builder teaches them to do things as a team. Whether it is solutions, problem-solving, working as a team, actions, follow-through, positive thinking, children learn a bot of all these important values in life.

  • Barney:

The iconic Barney teaches children compassion, caring, dancing, sharing and more. Who can forget the T-Rex and all those famed characters from Barney’s stable? Barney and friends have over the years been educating children on manners, positive values and much more.

  • Angelina Ballerina:

A mouse dancing her way through with elegance and grace and are some trademark products children adore. These characters inspire children to dream towards achieving their goals.

You can even plan your school visits, celebrate Birthday parties, and have loads of fun inside the Mattel Play. For further enquiries on booking, contact +971 43173999.