Like Ceramics & Pottery, learn to make your own at Yadawei

Are you the creative one, looking to channel your creative side? If you are one of those interested in arts and handicrafts and would be excited at learning new skills or trying new options, there are an interesting array of options available in Dubai. How does pottery or ceramic crafting sound to you?

Well, Yadawei is an amazing destination that helps you learn new skills using pottery and ceramics. If you still not sure, this will satisfy your creative needs, try a free trial lesson. First times are given trail class pack sessions with flexible attendance schedule to give you time to make up your mind.

Beginners and first timers who are interested in ceramics as a hobby are given guided classes with a specialised tutor. The classes can be scheduled with flexible timings and there is absolutely no rush to complete them. The main objective of you joining this is to learn an interesting skill and Yadawei understands that pacing and flexibility are important.

The course content is outlined well with the participants learning the basics first with hand building of pottery and ceramics. The sessions go at a pace that is suitable for new learners to understand the nuances and techniques right from clay preparation. Design, structure, using your tips deftly, wheel throwing, pulling, trimming, centering, clay shaping, tools and more. After learning the basics, the students go on to more advanced skills such as designing, décor and others.

The price packages for trail and courses vary for both ceramic and pottery. The rates for the courses are for 4, 6 and 10 session packs. The trial session for Ceramics is AED 180, and for Pottery, it is AED 200. If you need additional clay, that is sold separately. The classes are on a first-cum-first-serve basis, so the seats per class are limited.

Firing objects at the kiln is an important component of pottery. But, any object cannot be fired on the kiln. The staff at Yadawei determine objects that are kiln worthy. Only those object that is approved by the staff can be fired. Albert Einstein said that ‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on’. Art, in general, brings out a creative satisfaction that is compared to none. Here at Yadawei, the opportunity to get satisfied is limitless with pottery and ceramics. Join for a trial today and inspire others too. If you need further assistance on classes, schedule, enquiries, you may contact +971 4 379 1312.

Yadawei Ceramic Studio
Warehouse 30, 8 Th,
Al Qouz Industrial Area 1,
Bookworm Bookshop Warehouse,
First Al Khail Road – Dubai
Open : Monday – Saturday 10AM – 9PM
Sunday Closed.