Have a quirky gaming experience at JUMBLE

Jumble, as the name suggests, It is the only and the best interior maze in Dubai. If you are fond of adventurous entertainment and like to have unconventional gaming experience then Jumble is the best place for you and your group. If you are comparing Jumble with the other Escaping gaming zones across the city, then you need to visit Jumble for sure.

Jumble is UAE’s first ever mind-boggling Urban Maze that makes you thrill, cry, laugh and much more. This place is full of twists and turns, mind puzzles, escape hunts and few mind-bending challenges for you.

Jumble is situated near the IBIS hotel Al-Basha and it takes up two floors and looks like a massive warehouse kind of space. with all adventure engulfed in it. When the reviews say “mind-bending”, they are actually mean it. There around a dozen mind puzzles, they challenge you to complete. But don’t feel ashamed if you could complete only two or three.

Let us take you through the process ad all necessary things one should keep in mind before visiting JUMBLE.

  • What to expect

Once you reach the venue and register yourself for the event, you receive a wristband that helps you unlock rooms, it keeps a track of all your progress throughout the session. Each session timing is around two hours and four hours that can be extended  at any point of time at the venue

You need to deposit your belongings in the locker room dedicated to you and then move into the play zone. You can choose to start in any room in the arena. Most of the challenges feature rooms connected to each other.

  • Game Experience

Once you are done with choosing a room to start your adventure, you scan your wristband at the door and get yourself locked in. Depending on the challenge, you need to use your mental, physical, and problem-solving power to progress from room to room. Some of the challenges may require teamwork and some are based on pure physical strength. Teamwork is very much important for several challenges and communication between the teammates plays a vital role in problem-solving.

Get ready to yell and sweat, You will feel getting ecstatic and feel frustrated. The only tip you can get is thinking differently and your first solution and initial instincts might just be right. Lateral thinking is a key aspect of this game here

  • Price Chart:

This level of adventurous doesn’t cost too much. The price for 2 hours package is Dh149 + taxes. The prices for 4 hours of fun is just Dh199( inclusive of taxes).

If you wish to extend your timing from 2 hours game too much more, it takes up only Dh60. If you have completed your 4 hours of adventure and wish to continue it for the rest of the day, the price is only Dh50 ( Depends on the capacity ).

  • Age group:

Don’t worry much, this game is available from the age group of 8 years and above. The children between the age of 8 years to 12 years will be accompanied by an adult in their team all the time.

  • Team Size:

The time size ranges from 3 to a maximum of 6 people.

  • Opening Timings

The venue opens at 10am to 10pm. and it is strongly advised to get pre-booking just to avoid the queue.

Have Fun!! and don’t forget to post your reviews down here 🙂