Get your Indoor entertainment at Hungarian Games

If you are one of those people who like puzzles and like to solve them, Hungarian games are one of the best places for you to visit and have fun. 

Hungarian games situated at 8th Street Al Quoz Beside Bookworm Warehouse is considered as one of the most visited and fun making place for family and kids. A place that helps you and your children to build their logical thinking and work as a team to achieve the target in order to unlock the door to freedom.

Each escape game in Hungarian games is an interactive experience specially designed for a team of friends, family or co-workers. Your main objective is very simple and straight as you have only 60 mind-bending minutes when you must work together, find the clues, decode the messages and solve problems to unlock the doors. This will lead you to the door to freedom at the end. This looks easy but remember, it takes a lot to get a win-win situation in the game. Logical thinking and teamwork is the key to success in the game.

Let us take you to the experience and process of whole fun involved in this place

  • Activities Involved

Ths Hungarian games is a “Flow Theory ” Based concept. There are certain activities that are involved once you enter into the play zone. These activities include Escape Games, Golf Simulator, Art Studio, Foot Snooker and much more.

  • Gaming Experience

The first and foremost Event you will come across is the Escape Room. This is a team event the needs your team to work and play effectively and smartly in order to find clues and unlock the doors. 

First of all, you will be introduced to a haunted room, that would try to haunt you and will test your concentration and presence of mind. you need to find the clues and escape that room without getting feared. This is tough though but thrilling.

Then comes the “Studio 113”. The event in which you will take an edge over your own dark side. All you get is 60 minutes of time in which your dark side will try to haunt you, distract you and all you need to do is search for clues to unlock the door out of that place. If you fail to do so, then remember, your dark side will win over you. 

“4th Element” is an event of a treasure hunt where you need to follow the instructions and try to find the clues that will lead you to the treasure. All you get is 60 minutes too find the treasure.

Next event is the “Crime Scene” event, If you think you got some traits of Sherlock Holmes, you should try this game. In this game you and your team a bunch of private detectives who will be pitched with a situation and with the help of your presence of mind and skills you need to investigate the murder case.

There are many more games and events such as Golf simulator, where you gets a chance to play golf in a royal style;), followed by an art studio where children get much more attracted. you will a chance to portrait your talent.

  • Dining Inclusions

Once you are fully exhausted with the games and events, you will get a chance to soothe yourself in an attached cafe, where you and your family can have food and enjoy the rest of the day at Hungarian Games

  • Price Chart:

The above-mentioned events cost around Dh120 each. With more thrill, you will need to pay more i.e, the haunted room will cost you Dh250.

  • Age group:

There are no such restrictions on the age group. But children will always be accompanied by an adult in their time all the time for escape room events

  • Team Size:

The time size ranges from 3 to a maximum of 5 people.

  • Opening Timings

The venue opens at 10am to 10pm. and to get pre-booking just go to the official website in order to avoid the queue.

Have Fun!! and don’t forget to post your reviews down here 🙂