All things to do at La mer

One of the coolest destinations to unwind and enjoy a relaxing time would be the La Mer. This beachfront property can never go wrong in attracting visitors with its Laguna and white sand beaches. The calm air that criss-cross’s your hair, the gentle breeze that caresses your body, and the soothing feeling, while you walk through sands, is an experience you will keep back to. The fun and laidback nature of the La Mer has plenty of things to keep you busy.
1. Sea Breeze:
The Sea Breeze defines having some quality time for yourself. Nothing relaxes visitors than the different sunbeds on offer. There are packages that include umbrella, sunbeds, towels to give that perfect tan you always wanted while soaking in the majestic Arabian Gulf and skyline.
2. Laguna Waterpark:
What can be more fun than frolicking in the water and having some fun? Get to the waterpark that offers water rides, splash, Surfing, aqua pools and much more. The waterpark houses five major rides along with a large pool lounge, lazy river, exclusive kids zone for an exciting and fun setting. While here, you have to check out the WaveOz 180 FloRider, also known as ‘The Ultimate Surf Machine’. Try the day pass for unhindered day-long access to the Laguna.
3. Hawa Hawa:
How about having a jolly good time jumping on inflatables? I am not talking about the little ones that you frequently see at the Malls. Hawa Hawa is a one-of-a-kind first outdoor inflatable playground, huge enough to inflate an entire ground. The inflatables are dune shaped with interspersed peaks that is totally safe with low impact and provides high thrill at the same time. The inflatable dunes are quality tested with the experts and are certified to be
sound for children to have fun. This one is not just for the children; an adult can have a great time on these too.
4. Shopping and Dining:
The dining experience is truly global with different international cuisines to choose from. The French, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese selections will make you crave for more. Don’t leave the place without looking for some souvenir. There are plenty of concept stores, boutiques, international brands, the latest fashion trends to pick your interest.
Call up 800 MERAAS (637227) for further enquiries and assistance.