All things to do at Brain Game Dubai

Keen to escape the travails of your daily grind? Want to escape all your troubles in life? I am not talking about escaping troubles from your life, but certainly, there are ways to escape genuine troubles from a room! You heard it right, Brain Game at Dubai offers a genuine adrenaline rush and a fun way to escape a room filled with tricky challenges and clues, all in a timed setting.

There are different kinds of Brain Games that you as a team can indulge in. These games come with various levels of difficulty. Prison Madness, The Museum, Pablo Escobar, Around the world in 60 minutes are some of the games in the rooms each having difficulty levels ranging from 3-5 stars. The game is won by using the challenges and keys to escape the room within a times setting of 60 minutes.

Corporates bring a lot of teams to build strong communication skills, build team cohesiveness, develop focus and attentiveness and much more. This is an ideal place to have fun and develop some serious soft skills. You as a family can have awesome fun with the challenges and you will quickly learn how important coordination and memory is for life and professional situations.

It’s a game, so it’s got to have some rules. Let’s see what the rules of the game are:

  • It’s definitely a team game, so needless to say, communication and collaboration is an important element to winning the game.
  • The clues follow a linear pattern, so one clue would invariably lead to the next.
  • The props in the room are there to get you to be attentive. None of the props in the room is accidental.
  • Use your skill to imagine, put two-in-two the clues together.
  • Time is an important factor, so ensure you keep on the time always, since you have got just 60 minutes to escape, otherwise you are trapped!
  • While you are inside the room plotting to escape, you will have a game master friend from your team outside the room guiding you to the correct clues. To enhance your fun, I would advise you to take minimal help from your outside friend.
  • If you are feeling claustrophobic, there is a panic button inside the room, press that and a master outside the room will guide you.

What an awesome place to channel and sharpen your brain. With such a collaborative exercise of team building, your bonding would just get stronger. So, have fun, escaping the room. Contact +971 4 396 1556 for further enquiries.